4 Ways To Survive Social Media Chaos In 2023

You’ve likely seen a slew of headlines over the past few years accusing TikTok of everything from espionage and other controversial topics to its astounding ongoing ability to influence. While the platform’s contentious nature may be keeping some brands from exploring its short-form video waters, the good news is that there are plenty of other platforms that also offer highly engaged audiences, useful features and great analytics. The bad news? There’s no such thing as a social platform that offers complete brand safety or is free from criticism and controversy.카지노사이트

In the last year alone, we have Instagram’s infamous shift to video (and all the vocal backlash that sparked), YouTube came under fire for removing dislike counts and triggering creator burnout, and Twitter has, of course, been going through seemingly endless amounts of upheaval since Elon Musk took ownership in October of 2022.

This year, brands need a plan for navigating the 2023 social media environment. And more importantly, they need to make smart platform investments that don’t overcommit.

Prepare For Platform Turbulence—And Potential Bans

Recent events may be giving brands plenty of reason to be concerned about the effectiveness of their planned platform strategies in 2023.

TikTok already faces a growing state-by-state ban on government-owned devices, and there has been growing buzz around a potential complete user ban in the U.S. Twitter’s own ever-evolving policies have resulted in capricious user bans (sometimes reversed, sometimes not), with some predicting that a full-scale platform meltdown is yet to come.

As the platform waiting game continues, brands shouldn’t necessarily assume that Twitter will go down in flames or that TikTok will disappear from the App Store. But it’s a smart play to stay nimble with campaign investments.

Keep The Entire Social Media Landscape In Mind

TikTok may be the red-hot app of the moment, but it’s not going to be the right choice for every brand marketer. It’s the same with Twitter: For many brands, the ongoing platform drama is irrelevant because that’s not where they’re choosing to advertise.

As certain platforms gain more and more attention (for reasons good and bad), it’s important to consider the entire social media ecosystem. Established platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram remain incredibly popular options for connecting brands with tightly targeted audiences. Within those platforms, a variety of formats exist (think YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels and Facebook Stories).

For brands that are willing to experiment, there are interesting marketing possibilities emerging on Metaverse/VR/gaming platforms like Roblox and Minecraft. LinkedIn is becoming another avenue for reaching audiences, particularly B2B. The app BeReal caught advertisers’ eyes in 2022, and Snapchat remains a powerful option for reaching younger audiences like Gen Z and Gen Alpha. Tumblr even got a boost from interested brands in 2022 when Twitter’s troubles began in earnest.

By identifying which platforms are truly best suited for their goals (and utilizing a holistic approach whenever possible), brands have a better chance of creating cost-effective strategies in 2023—while potentially avoiding the most tumultuous social networks.

Recognize That Bulletproof ‘Brand Safety’ Doesn’t Exist Online

In the wake of Elon Musk’s chaotic Twitter takeover, plenty of businesses chose to pause advertising over brand safety concerns. This makes sense given the context at the time, but the truth is that no social media platform can promise complete brand safety.바카라사이트

Advertising on social media comes with some measure of risk; that’s all there is to it. No platform can fully ensure that branded content won’t appear alongside something problematic, even if that’s subjectively decided by the audience.

A more modern approach to brand safety is more focused on finding places suitable for branded content, rather than trying to avoid any and all inappropriate content. Every brand has its own approach to risk. For instance, a mobile gaming company is likely to be quite a bit more risk-tolerant than a financial services brand.

In 2023, brands should focus on finding the right balance between risk and achieving the level of reach and engagement that meets their KPIs.

Partner With The Right People

Influencer marketing continues to reign supreme as a highly effective brand strategy when it comes to connecting with social media audiences. Not only does influencer marketing provide the authentic third-party/word-of-mouth content that today’s audience prefers, but it also allows brands to focus on marketing with the right people rather than the right platform.

No one is more attuned to platform trends, technologies and potential pitfalls than the creators who have built their followings over time. Today’s creators span every niche and audience size across all platforms, offering an endless variety of unique branded content opportunities.

Many creators now rely on cross-platform strategies because they know that sharing content across more than one social channel means better visibility, better monetization opportunities, better reach and, most importantly, less reliance on a single platform/source of revenue.

By aligning with creators who have a multiplatform presence, brands can take advantage of target-platform nuances and trends, as well as post-campaign insights that reveal which platforms are most receptive to the messaging.

Instead of putting brand marketing efforts and spend into a single platform in 2023, consider the benefits of diversifying with influencers.

The Final Word

Whether or not brands follow every platform development and controversy that unfolds this year, the fact remains that the social marketing environment is always evolving. Things are in a constant state of flux. Features and trends come and go at lightning speed, and marketers need to be ready for whatever’s next. The very best advice of all for 2023 may come down to two deceptively simple words: “Stay nimble.”온라인카지노

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